Choose and Change Plan
Service Providers Without
Switching Your Entire Plan

No one should be held hostage by a bundled plan that doesn’t allow the flexibility to choose between multiple third party administrator and recordkeeper partnerships.

Isn’t it time for your retirement plan to actually
start benefitting your employees?

Why Open Choice?

Traditional 401(k) plans lock you into a plan structure with third parties that are set in stone. If these administrators don’t work out for you and your business, there is nothing you can do except change plans entirely.

Open Choice is different. Our five-step process matches you with great service providers in the retirement industry, and doesn’t require significant time or financial investment in order to get the plan up and running.

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Our plans are designed to integrate with payroll systems to significantly decrease the time spent on administration, with better processing accuracy and tighter security.

We’re at the forefront of the 401(k) industry and have created custom-made plans backed by world-class service. Our retirement solutions can help you recruit, reward and retain valued employees.

We offer more than 25,000 investment options from the world’s top investment firms and mutual funds, and we’ll even help you pick a selection of these to offer your employees.

Our partner firms that support third party administration, recordkeeping and custodial services work with thousands of corporations and plan participants, representing more than $100 billion in client assets.

Open Choice Retirement lets you build a better future backed by experienced advisors.

We’re here to help you every step of the way, from a quick and easy implementation
process complete with participant education to expert client service and
24/7 online account access.

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