About Us

Open Choice Retirement is a premier 401(k) product designed by industry experts who were frustrated with the format of the plans available in the marketplace.  So we decided to do something about it.  Not only did we understand our own frustrations as a service provider in the industry, but our close contact with participants, clients, administrators, and the like allowed us to really drill down to find the core issues in the retirement plan marketplace.

We designed Open Choice Retirement to simplify plan management for both the plan sponsor and employees by providing custom plan design and attentive customer service.  Our clients range from start-ups to companies with over 1,000 employees; no plan is too small or to large for Open Choice Retirement.

Open architecture retirement plans improve upon the older styles of bundled 401(k) plans, and we created Open Choice Retirement to take advantage of all the best qualities of the open architecture style, while also utilizing our industry experience to guide our clients and provide exceptional service.  We are proud to share Open Choice Retirement with you.

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